916 Turbines Upgraded

Airway Services would like to highlight a group of technicians that executed a Nacelle Retrofit project across the country. The project was a result of an engineering upgrade provided by our customer that involved climbing multiple turbines per day to perform the scope of work. The work was strenuous and repetitive, but all work was completed without a serious injury or incident. The project involved 916 turbines across the country spanning from October through December. This group of technicians exemplified the Airway culture for the duration of the project while working efficiently and safely from preparation through project completion. As a result of their diligent work, they not only represented our organization with pride, but they also made these turbines a safer working environment for all technicians that will enter these nacelles in the future. 16 Technicians plus field leadership executed this feat well ahead of schedule and we should all be proud to call these technicians our teammates. Please join me in thanking each one of these technicians for the hard work that they performed during this project.