Airway Reaches 400 Techs

At Airway Services, the most important part of our company is, and always has been, our people. Our technicians are what make this company what it is and, for this reason, we are proud to announce that, for the first time ever, Airway Services had 400 Dispatch Technicians working for us in 2021.

Being able to provide exciting, fulfilling careers to 400+ people is something that means a lot to this company, and it means a lot to Jonathan Click, the Director of Operations for Airway Services. Click has been Airway’s Director of Operations for 11 years, and he began his career as a technician, so he knows how much work, care, and pride goes into the position.

“Airway Services technician staff is comprised of local based technicians as well as a large group of traveling technicians,” Click said. “Being a Wind Technician for Airway is a very difficult job and can require a lot of time away from your family. Many travel up to five weeks at a time and then come home for about a week. They’re very dedicated to what we’re doing here. Everybody here, from Chase Hord, the COO of Airway, to the directors, the managers, and myself have all been technicians at some point in time, so we understand the daily struggles and triumphs, the good stuff and the bad stuff, that comes with being a technician. I think we have a great culture here at Airway, and I think it’s a good company to be a part of.”

That dedication comes from knowing they are a part of a team that does work that matters. Airway Services deploys teams throughout the United States to deliver complete service and solutions to a wide variety of projects relating to wind energy projects, such as turnkey preventative maintenance, complete turbine inspection service, and more. Airway Services also recently completed a campaign in which they changed 175 wind turbine gearboxes, a service that utilized more than 20 technicians at a time.

Prospective employees can apply to be a technician online via Indeed for a wide variety of open positions that are available. Experience level requirements range from entry level to subject matter experts.

“We have a career development plan for each technician,” Click stated. “First, they would come in as an Associate Wind Tech, which [requires] zero experience. Then, they move to a Tech 3, which is a level where a technician begins to develop basic understanding of components and job scopes. From there, technicians can be promoted to a Tech 2, where their knowledge and skills have begun to grow to the point where they can lead individual crews on tasks and provide reports to Operations Managers. From the Tech 2 level, they can continue to develop their skillsets through on-the-job training, advanced training, etc. and will have the opportunity to move to a Tech 1. Tech 1 technicians are skilled to the point where they can develop procedures, train others and lead larger scale projects along with providing job performance reports back to upper-level management.”

And there is always room for growth. The company culture at Airway Services is one of support, dedication, and mutual respect.

“We have an open-door policy,” Click said. “Techs can come to their managers at any time about anything. Adding Field Service Supervisors has helped our culture because it gives the technicians a means to communicate to their supervisor directly. And our techs know if they ever have anything they want to talk about or suggest, the opportunity is there.”

At Airway Services, there is always an opportunity – to learn, to grow, and to build a career. Those interested in working with Airway Services can visit to take their first step into the exciting world of wind energy.