Airway Services Field Supervisor Growth

Airway Services continues to set the highest standard of service and expert solutions for wind energy projects, and the biggest reason for that is our people. Our technicians travel all over the country performing major component exchanges, construction services, preventative maintenance and more on wind turbines. As our company grew, so too did the need to make sure our technicians felt seen and heard which is why we developed our ‘Field Service Supervisor’ positions.

“The reason we developed this position was because we really saw the need to have some supervision out in the field,” said Keith Grigsby, Director of Field Operations with Airway Services. “We have Operations Managers that have a team under them that can be anywhere from 25 to 150 techs who report directly to them. A lot of times, they travel and they’re all over the country, so the Field Supervisor role was designed so they can be out in the field, with those teams, on those projects, making sure that we’re executing those projects to the best of our ability and making sure we’re consistent on all of our projects.”

Another big reason Airway Services designed this position was so that technicians would have somebody to meet with to discuss anything that may come up in the field.

“We also wanted to have that one-on-one time with our guys out in the field,” Grigsby said. “Our Field Supervisors can actually be there, in the field, kicking off the meetings with them, actually going up-tower, working with them, supervising, doing quality control audits, doing safety audits, and those types of things.”

The responsibilities of Field Supervisors are vast and varied. Some of them stay on a project throughout its duration; others can kick the project off and make sure it gets started on the right foot before they head to another project, and then another, and another. With this setup, they get more experience and are able to develop their own skills and expertise, which puts them in a prime position to move forward in their own careers.

“We look at these Field Supervisors for our next Operations Managers,” Grigsby revealed. “So, there’s really a lot of growth potential for them. We want to see these guys progress and grow and we want them to be the next up-and-coming leaders for our whole organization.”

Currently, Airway Services has eight Field Supervisors. The goal is to have 12 and it is a goal we will undoubtedly meet. Each of the Field Supervisors will continue to lead teams of talented, enthusiastic technicians and, together they will ensure that Airway Services remains one of the wind industry’s leading Independent Service Providers.

“Having this position is great,” Grigsby stated. “It’s great to see the guys grow in their careers, and it’s great for everybody in the organization who can see the growth potential. They can actually see us grow internally and see that there is a place for them to grow as technicians. They have goals to work towards. We started out with two Field Supervisors. We’re gonna grow to 12. And that’s a great opportunity for everybody involved.”