Operations and Maintenance

Airway Services works independently or in conjunction with our client's existing staff to support construction, O&M and repair services on an as-needed basis or as part of milestone-based program approach. Airway Services has experience working with most major wind turbine manufacturers including Siemens, Vestas, Mitsubishi, GE, Gamesa and many others.


Preventative Maintenance
and Inspection

  • Component inspection
  • Fluid level inspection
  • Oil replacement and filter change
  • Cleaning inspection and physical inspection
  • Tower cleaning and punch-list services


Servicing the Turbine reoccurring
maintenance program including:

  • Hydraulic torque and tensioning
  • Base tower and structural components
  • Up tower mechanical components
  • Perform tower cleaning and PM punch-list services
  • Supply technical PM on demand site support or independent staffing


Coordination of wind turbine generator
replacement including:

  • Disassembly of nacelle
  • Generator replacement
  • Nacelle reassembly
  • Electrical
  • Crane path optimization and final completionof generator replacements
  • Perform inspections on all incoming components
  • Provide alignment of generator/gearbox couplings to OEM specifications
  • Perform construction, final walk-down and end-of-warranty inspections


Warranty Check-up

Blade inspection often is a reactive process post commissioning.
  • Manufacturers recommend performing a hands-on independent inspection of all rotor blades 3-9 months prior to warranty expiration is recommended.
  • - Blade repair is costly. Identifying issues covered under warranty can easily pay for the inspection several times over.

Annual Blade Check-up

Blades should be inspected every 2-3 years and more frequently if known issues are present.
  • Staged scheduled inspections of your inventory, enables Airway Services’ to provide a true annual fixed price that is easy to budget.
  • Our services can be customized to meet current preventative maintenance schedules minimizing downtime.

Annual Blade Maintenance

Two of the most costly incidences, leading edge erosion and deteriorating gel coats, can significantly decrease the lifespan of a blade and cause overall performance degradation.
  • Airway Services’ Annual Blade Maintenance Service combined with an Annual Blade Check-up will help to extend the life of the blades, increase efficiency, and lower future repair costs.
  • Airway Services’ professional blade technicians perform minor repairs, repair/upgrade leading edge protection, and fill gel coat cracks among other maintenance as required.

Emergency Repair Services

Time is of the essence when a turbine is down due to unexpected blade damages.
  • Airway Services is capable of mobilizing a professional blade technician crew within hours of an incident or unscheduled down-time.

The Benefits of Proactive Planned Blade Maintenance

  • Risk Management - by implementing advanced visual inspection techniques our services assist in avoiding long-term high cost maintenance and replacement issues.
  • Expense Predictability – implementing a scheduled, routine preventative maintenance program results in predictable expenses and long term maintenance cost avoidance.
  • Optimize Wind Turbine Generator Performance – by keeping your blades in optimal condition, you maximize the overall performance of the turbine.


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